Neumann János Egyetem GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar

Gyengénlátó Változat


The aim of the programme is to provide students with knowledge in economics, social sciences,
applied economics and methodology. Our graduates possess all skills to plan and to
analyze the business processes of institutes and firms, as well as to manage and organize business
organizations and family businesses. They have the professional knowledge to apply for
MA programmes.


Length of the Course: 7-semester, full-time course. The first three years are dedicated to
the core and optional courses, the last semester to the practical training (work placement).
The programme is available in dual and non dual form as well.
Graduate students attain a BA in Business Administration and Management.

Dual Education Form
The students participating in our programme can also apply at our dual business partners for
dual education.

Optional packages
• Management of Business Processes
• Application Development
• Cultural Management

The credits of the entire programme are distributed as follows:

Core Subjects 141 credits - 67,1 %
Specialization Courses 30 credits - 14,3 %
Practival Training 30 credits - 14,3 %
Thesis 0 credits - 0,0%
Elective Subjects 9 credits - 4,3%

The programme provides insight into the following areas:
• the basic rules of management, the main factors affecting management and the tools to
have influence on these factors,
• the discipline of management of all kinds of resources and input factors, including
planning, analysis, realisation, evaluation and the related methodology,
• the rules of organization, management, and the leading of business processes.
• Graduates will be able to set up institutes or organizations, to define their structures, to
build their organizational behaviour and to manage changes.

Career Opportunities
Internationally, the increased importance of professionals with high level knowledge in
management and business administration provides good career opportunities for people
trained in the skills acquired in our programme.

Specifically, students leaving our programme with a BA degree in Business Administration
and Management will possess the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success
in employment at supervisory or junior management level with organizations within both the
public and private sectors, or within the own family business as well. There will be overseas
opportunities for those with good language skills.