Neumann János Egyetem GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar

Gyengénlátó Változat


The main aim of the programme is to train professionals who have high-level business,
commerce and marketing knowledge and are able to procure and sell demand oriented
products and services, organize and lead commercial activities of small and medium-sized
companies and have adequate knowledge to continue their studies in the second cycle.


Length of the Course: 7-semester, full-time course. The first three years are dedicated to the
core and optional courses, the last semester to the practical training (work placement). The
program is only available in a non-dual form.
Graduate students attain a BA in Commerce and Marketing.

Dual Education Form
The programme is not available in a dual form at the moment.

Optional package:
• Marketing management

The credits of the entire programme are distributed as follows:

Core Subjects 90 credits – 42,86%
Specialization Courses 46+30 credits – 36,19%
Practical Training 30 credits – 14,29%
Thesis Work -
Elective Subjects 3+11 credits – 6,67%

The programme provides insight into the following areas:

• mechanisms, organizations, operational principles, trends of social, economic and
market environment
• notion, concept, tools and methods of marketing in business and non-business sectors
• role of marketing in company’s operation, relationship between marketing and other
processes, functions of the organization
• process of purchase decision making, consumer protection
• sales processes and their legal, ethical requirements
• operation and organization of commercial companies, main working processes and
techniques of commercial activities
• logistical processes
• methods and background of e-commerce

Career Opportunities
The programme provides excellent career opportunities for our graduates. Students leaving our
programme will have the knowledge that makes them able to become successful in a domestic
and also in an international environment. Our graduates have opportunities within public as
well as in the private sector to take part in the management of local, domestic and multinational
companies by undertaking various functions because of the several transferable skills they
have. The most typical jobs that our students undertake after finishing the programme are the
following: marketing manager, sales manager, procurement manager, commercial manager,
store manager, store director.