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The primary aim of the programme is to provide students with an understanding and skills
of hospitality and catering issues in an international context. The Bachelor of Arts in Tourism
& Catering at the University will provide you with adequate knowledge in economics, social
sciences, business, communication skills, foreign languages and specific skills in the field of
tourism so that graduates are able to organise and manage enterprises and business in an
international environment.


Length of the Course: 7-semester, full-time course. The first three semesters are foundation
module and general business module, the next three half a year tourism module and
a specialisation module, after the six academic semesters for the tourism business placement
(internship) module. Graduate students attain a BA in Tourism & Catering

Optional package
• Health Tourism

The credits of the entire programme are distributed as follows:
Core Subjects 139 credits - 66,2 %
Specialization Courses 27 credits - 12,9 %
Practical Training 30 credits - 14,3 %
Thesis Work 3 credits – 1,4%
Elective Subjects 11 credits - 5,2%

The programme provides insight into the following areas:

Graduates will have the skills to
• Analyse the tourism market, identify characteristics of tourism stakeholders
• Market tourism products and services on national and international markets
• Maintain business operations on the international tourism market
• Apply management functions in an international environment
• Conduct international business negotiations in two foreign languages
• Identify problems, set and prioritise tasks, solve business problems in an international
tourism environment
• Work individually and in teams

Career Opportunities
Employment opportunities for our graduates have been excellent, as the degree provides a
general and an international business education as well as the development of practical professional skills. Students who complete the BA in Tourism & Catering course may choose from
a wide range of careers in the public and the private sectors. Many students find positions within
international hotel companies soon after their graduation. A wide variety of both private
and public sector organizations provide opportunities for graduates to obtain employment,
both at home and abroad. A career in a hotel, restaurant, tour operator, resort or spa would be
typical for your qualification. The qualification and skills you will obtain in our BA in Tourism
& Catering programme will give you the perspective of a career in the hospitality industry.