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Web-based framework for displaying electronic sheet music




Szeretettel várunk minden érdeklődőt Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg J. Schneider (Hochschule Trier) előadására 

Foundations, related web technologies and concept for building an Electronic Band Scores and Stage Services Framework

The lecture will describe a web-based framework for the (mobile) display of electronic sheet music with the possibility of integrating further stage services for bands, using the UPnP infrastructure. Since UPnP uses the HTTP-Protocol, which is the transport protocol for web resources and XML as description language for these resources, we will start with a short introduction into the field of web technologies with an emphasis on the concerned technologies. Afterwards, we look more detailed into the UPnP protocol to illustrate the possibilities to build a flexible infrastructure supporting the ad-hoc adding and removal of services. The lecture will conclude with examples of infrastructures based upon UPnP, especially the especially the electronic sheet music framework.

Időpont: 2019. április 11. 10:00 óra.

Helyszín: NJE GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar, 4-es épület, 315-ös terem.