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Gyengénlátó Változat


Pallasz Athéné University (formerly known as Kecskemét College and Szolnok College) is
an anthropocentric institution providing lifelong bonding and learning. The bedrock of its
national and international competitiveness is derived from the application of most recent
methods and devices. Pallasz Athéné University lives harmoniously together with its social
and economic environment.

The aim of the University is to preserve the traditions of the two merging colleges, to strengthen
the results of the integration, to continuously renew by the inner and especially by the external
challenges, even more in particular to be one of the leader institutions in the Central Eastern
European region regarding its educational profile in sciences.

Our students are the real virtue of Pallasz Athéné University. Workmanship and human
qualities of the graduated agricultural and technical engineers, business administrators,
kindergarten teachers and pedagogues guarantee the reputation of the University.

Pallasz Athéné University constantly aims to implement novatory, competitive, flexible and
high-standard training acting upon the changes of the economic and social life. The creation
of an inspiring learning atmosphere for the students in order to develop their skills and to
deploy their diverse individuality in the fields of agricultural, technical, economic, business
and pedagogical sciences, will not lose sight of the artistical commitment.

Pallasz Athéné University contributes to the encouragement of Hungarian transborder higher
education within the framework of offsite learning and close co-operational relations.