Neumann János Egyetem GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar

Gyengénlátó Változat


One session includes a fall and a spring term that consist of 12-15 weeks. The examination
period lasts minimum 5 weeks. The rector determines the duration and order of the session.
Our fall semester starts on the first week of September each year and the spring term starts on
the first week of February.

The period of a class lasts 45 minutes. The University supports and puts high emphasis on
improving students’ communication skills. The success of achieving this depends on the
students’ active participation in the lessons. Supporting this philosophy for undergraduate
students, the general attendance policy makes class attendance compulsory. Two student’s
absences are accepted, as defined in the Hungarian National Curriculum. The students are
responsible for realising the consequences of non-attendance. Graduate and all other students
can find the necessary information on class attendance described in each syllabus.
The University is entitled to calendar the participation of the students during lecture and

A precondition of enrolment for certain subjects may be the prior successful completion of
another subject. The course descriptions in the catalogue indicate these prerequisites and
it is essential to take them into account when choosing the subjects in a given term. In
exceptional cases the academic director may give permission for a certain subject to be studied
simultaneously (at the same term) with the subject listed as a prerequisite.

Every student taking part in the University’s programmes has an opportunity to evaluate the
course(s) taken.
At the end of each term, before the final examination, they are requested to fill in an evaluation
form on the courses they have attended. It provides them with an opportunity to express their
opinion on both the courses and the teachers. A statistical evaluation of the forms and the openended comments are posted to the teachers after the examination period. The University pays
special attention to the grades and open-ended comments because they can help to improve
the courses. The results of these evaluations are taken into account in the academic structure
of the following term. We would like our students to appreciate the importance of this method
and to fill in these forms openly and in an unbiased way.