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Gyengénlátó Változat


József Berács ProfessorDear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in Kecskemét College. There are several reasons to choose Kecskemét as a city to study in but one of the most important ones is to gain experience that will escort you through life. While in Kecskemét, you will have the chance to explore the Great Hungarian Plain and all the treasures it can offer. At the University we promise you to meet a welcoming, friendly and supporting atmosphere, an experience based education, a ’smart university’ system and everything needed to meet the demands of the digital education in the 21st century.

Regarding the education that our students are provided with we meet the international standards and put a high emphasis on the training focused education especially in the engineering and business areas. Moreover, we highlight the importance of the transparency and permeability of interdisciplinarity besides the innovation in our programmes.

We handle globalisation and internationalisation with special care and attention. We place an equal emphasis on recruiting and welcoming students from all around the world and wish to involve them in our exchange and study-abroad programmes. We already have fruitful relationships among others with numerous German and Spanish partners and have taken steps to achive active cooperation with US and Vietnamese higher education institutions. Besides this, we also aim provide Hungarian students with the opportunity to continue their studies abroad.

Explore our programmes that interest you and see why we think Kecskemét College should be your first choice for your studies.

József Berács
Head of Management and Business Administration Programme