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Besides the degree programmes offered in English, Pallasz Athéné University offers different
courses for the Erasmus students. The students can choose from courses run at the Faculty of
Engineering and Computer Science and the Teacher Training Faculty.

The courses offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation are as follows:
Business Economics, Business Mathematics I, Decision Making Under
Uncertainty, Economics I, Information Science, Linux for Beginners, PLC Based Industrial
Machine Control, Psychology, Chemistry, Optimization Methods, Selected Topics From
Advanced Material Science, Unix-Based Operating Systems, Algorithms and Data
Structures, Business Mathematics II, Composites, Control Systems, Economics II, Finance, Graphical embedded software development (LabVIEW), Introduction to Matlab Programming, Media Technology, Operations Research: Applications, Rubber Technology, Sociology, Statistics I, Specialty Polymers, Topics in Mathematics

Courses Offered for the Computer Science Engineering Study Programme
Computer Networks I, Digital Electronics, Introduction to C# Programming, IT Project A, Linux Network Administration, Web Programming I, Computer Networks II, Digital Image Processing, IT Project B, Visual Programming, Web Programming II, Windows System Administration

Courses Offered for the Mechanical Engineering Study Programme

Sheet Metal Forming, Special Technologies, CAD, CAE, Materials Engineering, Polymer Physics, Polymer Processing I, Polymer Processing II, Polymer Processing III, Projektarbeit, Sonderbearbeitung, Structure and Properties of Polymers I, II, Metal Forming and Shaping

All courses are offered at Bachelor level (BSc study programme).

ERASMUS+ Intercultural Course
Intercultural Course
The course provides an introduction to the different cultures of our incoming Erasmus + students.
Activities reqiured: Nationality events; trips (trips to Budapest; Ópusztaszer); Primary School
Events; Erasmus Mobility Day; Youth organization, etc.

The courses offered by the Facuty of Teacher Training are as follows:
Children’s Literature I., Chorus, Concert, Creative Music Methodology, Developing of reading strategies & comprehension