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Dariusz BARTKOWSKI a Poznani Műszaki Egyetemről


He was born in 1986 in Poznan. He is an employee at the Poznan University of Technology. He received the Bachelor degreeat the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management in the field of Materials Engineering and next the Master's degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. In 2015 he defence PhD degree in Materials Engineering in specialty of Surface Engineering. He is focused on produced and testing of composite coatings produced using laser methods and reinforced with hard particles of carbides


Stellite-6/WC MMC coatings - properties study and application possibility

The lecture will focus on laser cladding technology and its application to produced coatings using in soil enviroments. During this lecture, the Stellite-6 coatings reinforced with tungsten carbide particles will be described. The results of microstructure, microhardness, chemical composition, phase composition, wear resistance and operational tests will be presented. In the frame of lecture will also be presented some information about my home institution - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management of Poznan University of Technology.