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Gyengénlátó Változat


Pallasz Athéné University has developed a strong and widespread relationship with the
economic actors of the region. Several multinational firms located nearby Kecskemét increased
their investments in the region. They are looking not only for a highly qualified workforce but
also for employees with knowledge and experience in this geographical area. Thus, the main
goal of the University has been for several years to provide the region with a high quality

Pallasz Athéné University has started to build a partnership with two strategic partners. Both
of the agreements created new directions in the academic programmes. In 2010 the Kecskemét
College, the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Ltd. and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
signed a strategic partnership agreement to launch the dual training programme. The College’s
two partners to start dual training were Mercedes Hungary Manufacturing Ltd. and Knorr-
Bremse Ltd in 2012. In the same year other firms, like Phoenix Mecano Ltd., Kühne-Nagel
Ltd. joined the dual training programme. The programme enables to train highly educated
graduates who are familiar with recent technologies and have market experience as well. The
first results arrived after a few years, when the MEGAMETER team developed a vehicle which
performed at the Eco-marathon 3082 kilometres with 1 litre of petrol.

The second strategic agreement was signed with the National Bank of Hungary with the aim of
starting programmes in business at Pallasz Athéné University. The Bank also accepts business
students in dual training.


Basically, most of our programmes offer a BA or a BSc degree, and our graduates usually find
a job quickly, which requires both professional skills and theoretical konowledge. Thus, the
University supplies the region with professionals trained in bachelor programmes and this
shorter cycle of training creates a competitive advantage to our corporate partners.
However, we also focus on exploring young talents, so all the ambitious students have the
opportunity to continue their studies in MA programmes of other institutes. The common
sources for the new generation of the lecturers are the former University students attending
PhD programmes in their main field at the leading institutes (engineering, informatics).
Our strategy is to keep these young talents within our institute by launching MA and PhD
programmes in the near future. For this development we are recruiting academic staff from
other top universities in Hungary and from all over the world.
The academic research at the University is closely related to our business partners, the focus
of important research projects was defined by the needs of the industries.

The University has already active relations with foreign institutes in the field of engineering,
horticulture, business administration, and teacher training programmes. While increasing
the intensity of already existing cooperation with our foreign partners we are building new
partnerships all over the world not only for business students but also for students participating
in our other programmes as well.